Responsive UI design for IAAF 2015 world Championships

The page presents contains a huge massive variety of information in a way that is simple easy to navigate through. Huge Significant increases in user numbers have been achieved through the the Beijing 2015 World Championships website, delivering live data and stats to the world, along with telling the story across the IAAF’s social media channels.

The website is fully responsive and provides a dynamic live feed of results as they happen, alongside a complete set of records for every event and minute-by-minute reporting, incorporating selected Twitter updates.

The site also has to be lightning quick to load and refresh (faster even than Usain Bolt) if it’s going to be the most trusted, most comprehensive source of results for journalists desperate to file stories, or some of sports’ most expert fans.

Now for the first time fans can search the IAAF’s vast stats and results database, which includes a profile of every athlete who has participated in an IAAF event. That’s around 100,000 profiles – three times the population of the IAAF’s home city state of Monaco.

One single session at the World Championships in Bejing (for which also created a Chinese app) yielded record results:

• Sessions: 2,097,039
• Users: 1,086,655
• Page views: 11,313,124
• Avg session duration: 00:10:21

My Role: Lead UI designer